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Wild Horses Chords – The Rolling Stones

In this article, you are going to learn Wild Horses Chords. This song is sung by The Rolling Stones.

Coming to the chords, We have mostly open chords throughout this song. The chord progression is as follows..

Wild Horses Chords

Song Wild Horses
Singer The Rolling Stones
Capo No Capo
Chords G, Am, Bm, C, D, F, Gsus4


(Bm)Childhood li(G)ving (Bm)is easy to do(G)

(Am)The things that you(C) wanted(D)    (G)I bought them for you(D)

(Bm)Graceless la(G)dy (Bm)you know who I am(G)

(Am)You know I can’t (C)let you(D)    (G)slide through my ha(D)nds



(Am)Wild (C)horses(D) (G)couldn’t dr(F)ag me a(C)way(Bm)

(Am)Wild, wi(C)ld horses(D) (G)couldn’t dr(F)ag me a(C)way



(Bm)I watched you su(G)ffer a (Bm)dull aching (G)pain

(Am)Now you’ve dec(C)ided(D) (G)to show me the (D)same

(Bm)No sweeping (G)exits (Bm)or offstage (G)lines

(Am)Could make me feel(C) bitter(D) (G)or treat you un(D)kind



(Am)Wild (C)horses(D) (G)couldn’t (F)drag me a(C)way(Bm)

(Am)Wild, wild(C) horses(D) (G)couldn’t (F)drag me a(C)way







(Bm)I know I (G)dreamed you a (Bm)sin and a lie(G)

(Am)I have my (C)freedom(D)   (G)but I don’t have much ti(D)me

(Bm)Faith has been (G)broken (Bm)tears must be cr(G)ied

(Am)Let’s do some (C)living(D)  (G)after we (D)die



(Am)Wild (C)horses(D) (G)couldn’t (F)drag me a(C)way(Bm)

(Am)Wild, wild(C) horses(D) (G)we’ll ri(F)de them some day(C)







(Am)Wild (C)horses(D) (G)couldn’t (F)drag me a(C)way(Bm)

(Am)Wild, wild(C) horses(D) (G)we’ll ri(F)de them some (C)d(D)ay(G)

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