Tides Guitar Chords

Tides Guitar Chords – Ed Sheeran

In this article, you are going to learn Tides Guitar Chords. This is a new song from ed sheeran’s new album “=”.

Coming to the chords, we have used capo on the 4th fret to make the chords simpler to beginner guitarists. The chord progression is as follows.

Tides Guitar Chords With Capo

Song       :  Tides

Singer    :  Ed Sheeran

Album    :  “=”


Capo      : Fret – 4

Chords  : C, G, D, Em







[Verse 1]

(C)I have grown up, I am a father now

(G)Everything has changed, but (D)I am still the same somehow

You (C)know I’ve never been afraid of death

(G)But now I wanna see the (D)things that haven’t happened yet

(C)I still love getting out of my mind, I should cut it down

(G)I still know people I don’t (D)like and I should cut them out

(C)I feel embarrassed ’bout the things that I did in my youth

(G)‘Cause now I have a child, I (D)know one day that you will do



(C)Freight cargo, dot stops and aeroplanes

(G)Late-night calls, (D)signal is in and out again

(C)Feelin’ low, serotonin known better days

(Em)Go, go, go! But (D)every moment you’re here with me



Timе stops to still

When you are in my arms, it always will

And life, lifе is changin’ tides





[Verse 2]

(C)I lost the confidence in who I was

(G)To busy tryna chase the (D)high and get the numbers up

(C)I have the same dream every night

(G)A bullet through my brain the (D)moment that I close my eyes

(C)I still have to lean on a shoulder when I’ve broken down

(G)And I have people that de(D)pend on me to sort them out

(C)I sometimes fantasise I disappear without a trace

(G)I have no regrets, but wish I (D)did things in a different way



(C)Low fly zone, lawsuits, and film stars

(G)Headline wrote the (D)princess and the face scar

(C)Broken bones, break-ins, and Babylon

(Em)Go, go, go! But (D)every moment you’re here with me



Time stops to still

When you are in my arms, it always will

(C)And life, life is (G)chan(D)gin’ tides(C)

(C)Time stops to (G)still

When (C)you are in my arms, it always (G)will(D)

And (C)life, life is (G)chan(D)gin’ tides(C)

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