Strangers By Nature Chords

Strangers By Nature Chords – Adele

In this article, you are going to learn Strangers By Nature Chords. This is a new song from the album 30 by Adele.

Coming to the chords, we have used capo on 5th fret to make the chords simpler. We have modified a few of the chords for beginners.  The chord progression as follows..

Strangers By Nature Chords With Capo

Song Strangers By Nature
Album 30
Singer Adele
Capo Fret – 5
Chords C, Em, F, A, Dm, G, Fm, E


[Verse 1]

(C)I’ll be taking (Em)flowers to the (F)cemetery of my (A)heart

(Dm)For all of my (G)lovers, in the (Em)present and in the (A)dark

(Dm)Every anni(Fm)versary I’ll (G)pay respects and (A)say I’m sorry

(Dm)For they never (G)stood, (Em)chances if they (A)could

But (Dm)no one knows what (G)it’s like to be (C)us


[Verse 2]

(C)I’ve never (E)seen the (F)sky this color (A)before

It’s (Dm)like I’m noti(G)cing (F)every(Em)thing a little bit (Am)more

(Dm)Now that all the (Fm)dust has settled

(Em)I rebut all (A)my rebuttals

(Dm)No one knows what (G)it’s like to bе (C)us



(Cm)Stran(C)gers by (Fm)na(F)ture(Em)(Dm)(G)

(Cm)Stran(C)gers by (Fm)na(F)turе(Em)(G#m)



Will I ever (C)get there?

Oh, I hope that (A)someday I’ll learn

To (Dm)nurture (G)what I’ve (C)done(Cm)(F)(A)



Uh, huh, (Dm)hm(G)

(Em)Uh, (A)huh, hm, hm, hm

(Dm)Uh, (Fm)huh(C), hm, hm, hm

(A)Hm, (Dm)hm(G), (Em)hm(Am), hm(Dm) (G)

(C)Alright then, I’m ready

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