Silent Night Guitar Chords

Silent Night Guitar Chords

In this article, you are going to learn Silent Night Guitar Chords. This is one of the famous Christmas carol songs enjoyed by people.

Coming to the chords, we have tried the best possible way to make the chords easier for beginners and keep the sound original. The chord progression is as follows..

Silent Night Guitar Chords

Chords: G, D, D7, C, Em, G7

[Verse 1]

(G)Silent night! Holy night! (D)All is (D7)calm (G)all is (G7)bright

(C)Round yon virgin (G)mother and child (C)Holy infant so (G)tender and mild

(D)Sleep in (D7)heavenly (G)peace(Em)! (G)Sleep in hea(D)venly (G)peace!


[Verse 2]

(G)Silent night! Holy night! (D)Shepherds (D7)quake at (G)the (G7)sight

(C)Glories stream from (G)heaven afar (C)Heavenly hosts sing (G)Hallelujah

(D)Christ the (D7)Saviour is (G)born(Em)! (G)Christ the Sa(D)viour is (G)born!


[Verse 3]

(G)Silent night! Holy night! (D)Son of (D7)God (G)love’s pure (G7)light

(C)Radiant beams from (G)thy holy face (C)With the dawn of re(G)deeming grace

(D)Jesus (D7)lord at thy (G)birth(Em)! (G)Jesus (D)lord at thy (G)birth!


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