Pyaar Toh Tha Guitar Chords With Capo Easy – Bala

In this article, you are going to learn Pyaar Toh Tha Guitar Chords. This song is from the movie Bala starring Ayushmann Khurrana. Sachin and Jigar has given the best music for this song and the song is beautifully sung by Jubin Nautiyal.


Coming to the chords, We have used capo on 4th fret  to make chords easier. Now beginners can easily able to play this song. The chord progression is as follows..


Pyaar Toh Tha Guitar Chords


Song       : Pyaar Toh Tha

Movie     : Bala

Singer    : Jubin Nautiyal, Asees Kaur

Music     : Sachin-Jigar


Capo       : Fret – 4

Chords   : Em, Bm, C, D, G


Intro Music:




(Em)Chitthi (D)khabar teri mitthi

Phirdi (C)hawa le ayi

(Em)Khendi ve (D)door rehndi aan (C)


(Em)Dil vich (D)rakkhiya me teri

(Bm)Ishkaan (C)di gallan sari

(Bm)Padh-padh din raat me thaki(C)yaa


(Em)Pyaar to (D)tha tab

Pyaar he (C)hai abb

(Em)Pyaar hum(D)esha he rahe(C)ga

(Em)Tu mera (D)tha tab

Tu mera (C)hai abb

(Em)Mera (D)humesha he rahe(Em)ga


(Em)Jaane tu jaane (Am)maane naa maane

(C)Jaane tu jaane (Am)maane naa maane

(C)Ek din tu bhi yeh ka(D)hega


(Em)Pyaar to (D)tha tab

(Bm)Pyaar he (C)hai or

(Em)Pyaar hume(D)sha hi ra(Bm)heg(C)a

Hmmm… (Em)tu mera (D)tha tab

(Bm)Tu (C)mera hai abb

(Em)Mera hume(D)sha he ra(Bm)hega(C)a








(Em)Pyaar chupaaye (Bm)chipta nhi

(C)Pyaar hua toh (Am)rukta nhi

(Em)Pyaar naseebo (Bm)se milta hai

(C)Pyaar sabhi se (Am)hota nhi


(Em)Pyaar tera (Am)dard ban(Em)ke

Mere dil me rahe(Am)ga(Em)aa

Dard mera(Am) pyar ban(Em)ke

Tera he tera rahe(Em)ga


Dard (D)to tha tab (Bm)Dard he (C)hai ab

(Em)Dard (D)humesha he ra(Bm)hega (C)

Hmmm… (Em)tu (D)mera tha tab

(Bm)Tu (C)mera hai ab

(Em)Mera hum(D)esha he ra(Bm)hega(C)


(Em)Jaane tu jaane (Am)maane na maane

(C)Jaane tu jaane (Am)maane na maane

(C)Ek din tu bhi yhe kah(D)ega


(Em)Pyaar toh (D)tha ab (Bm)Pyaar he (C)hai ab

(Em)hmm(D)m… (Em)rahega


Chithi kha(D)bar teri mitthi

Phirdi (C)hawa le ayi

(Em)Khendi vey (D)durr rhendi ann(G)


(Em)Dil vich rakhi(D)yaa me teri

Ish(C)qaan di gallan sari

(C)Padh-padh din raat me (D)thakiyaan


To Watch Full Video Song, Click Here


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