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Mehrama Guitar Chords – Darshan Raval Love Aaj Kal

In this article, you are going to learn Mehrama Guitar Chords. This song is from the movie Love Aaj Kal sung by Darshan Raval and Antara Mitra.

Coming to the chords, we have replaced Cadd9 with C which sounds similar. The chord progression is as follows..


Mehrama Guitar Chords


Song       : Mehrama

Movie     : Love Aaj Kal

Singer     : Darshan Raval, Antara Mitra

Music     : Pritam


Chords   : G, C, Em, D


(G)Chaahiye kisi (C)saaye me jagah

(Em)Chaha bohot baar (D)hai

Na (G)kahi kabhi (C)mera dil laga

(Em)Kaisa samajhdaar (D)hai


(G)Me na phuchu (C)kyun wahaan pe

(Em)Jaana chaahun (D)me jahaan

(G)Main kahaan (C)kho gya

(Em)Aisa kya (D)ho gya


(G)Oh mehrama (C)kya mila

(Em)Yun juda (D)hoke bata

(G)Oh mehrama (C)kya mila

(Em)Yun juda (D)hoke bata


(G)Na khabar (C)apni rhi

(G)Na khabar (C)apni rhi

(Em)Na rha (D)tera pata


(G)O meharma (C)kya mila

(Em)Yu juda (D)hoke bta


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