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In Christ Alone chords – Keith Getty

In this article, you are going to learn In Christ Alone Chords. This song is sung by Keith And Kristyn Getty. 

Coming to the chords, we have used chords without capo. The chord progression is as follows..


In Christ Alone Chords


Song      : In Christ Alone

Singer    : Keith And Kristyn Getty


Chords  : G, D, A, D/F#


[Verse 1]   

In (G)Christ (D)alone my (G)hope is (A)found,

(D/F#)He is my (G)light, my str(A)ength, my (D)song;  

This (G)Corner(D)stone, this (G)solid (A)Ground,

(D/F#)Firm through the (G)fiercest dr(A)ought and (D)storm.  

What (D/F#)heights of (G)love, what (D/F#)depths of (A)peace,  

When (D/F#)fears are (G)stilled, when (D/F#)strivings (A)cease! 

My (G)Comfor(D)ter, my (G)All in (A)All,

(D/F#)Here in the (G)love of (A)Christ I (D)stand. 


[Verse 2]  

In (G)Christ (D)alone! Who (G)took on (A)flesh

(D/F#)Fullness of (G)God in(A) helpless(D) babe!    

This (G)gift of (D)love and (G)righteous(A)ness

(D/F#)Scorned by the (G)ones he (A)came to (D)save:   

Till (D/F#)on that (G)cross as (D/F#)Jesus (A)died,   

The (D/F#)wrath of (G)God was (D/F#)satis(A)fied  

For (G)every (D)sin on (G)Him was (A)laid;

(D/F#)Here in the (G)death of (A)Christ I (D)live. 


[Verse 3] 

There (G)in the gr(D)ound His (G)body (A)lay

(D/F#)Light of the (G)world by (A)darkness s(D)lain:    

Then (G)bursting (D)forth in (G)glorious (A)Day

(D/F#)Up from the (G)grave he (A)rose a(D)gain!  

And (D/F#)as He (G)stands in (D/F#)victo(A)ry  

Sin’s (D/F#)curse has (G)lost its (D/F#)grip on (A)me,  

For (G)I am (D)His and (G)He is (A)mine

(D/F#)Bought with the (G)precious (A)blood of (D)Christ. 


[Verse 4]  

No (G)guilt in (D)life, no (G)fear in de(A)ath,

(D/F#)This is the (G)power of (A)Christ in (D)me;    

From (G)life’s first (D)cry to (G)final (A)breath.

(D/F#)Jesus (G)commands my (A)desti(D)ny.  

No (D/F#)power of (G)hell, no (D/F#)scheme of (A)man,   

Can (D/F#)ever (G)pluck me (D/F#)from His (A)hand;   

Till (G)He re(D)turns or (G)calls me (A)home,

(D/F#)Here in the (G)power of (A)Christ I’ll (D)stand.


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