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Hey Soul Sister Chords With Capo – Train

In this article, you are going to learn Hey Soul Sister Chords. This song is sung by Train.

Coming to the chords, We have used capo on 4th fret to make the chords simpler. The chord progression is as follows..


Hey Soul Sister Chords


Song    : Hey Soul Sister

Singer  : Train


Chords : C, G, Am, F

Capo     : 4th fret



(C)Hey-ay(G), Hey-ay-AY-ay-ay(Am), Hey-ay-AY-ay-(F)ay 


[Verse 1]     

Your (C)lipstick stains(G)   on the front lobe of my (Am)left side brains(F)                   

I knew I wouldn’t for-(C)get you and so I went and (G)let you blow my (Am)mind(F)(G)   

Your sweet moonbeam(G)   the smell of you in every (Am)single dream I (F)dream                 

(G)I knew when we col-(C)lided you’re the one I have de-(G)cided who’s one of my (Am)kind(F) 



(F)Hey soul sister (G)ain’t that Mister (C)Mister (G)on the (F)radio stereo  

The (G)way you move aint (C)fair you (G)know

(F)Hey soul sister (G)I don’t want to (C)miss a (G)single (F)thing you do(G)



To-(C)night Hey-(G)ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-(Am)ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-(F)ay


[Verse 2]

(C)Just in ti-i-i-ime(G) I’m so glad you have a (Am)one track mind like(F) me              

You gave my love dir-(C)ection a game show love con-(G)nection we can’t (Am)deny-i-(F)iii(G)   

I’m (C)so obsessed(G)   my heart is bound to beat right (Am)outta my untrimmed (F)chest           

I believe in (C)you like a virgin you’re Ma-(G)donna and I’m always gonna (Am)wanna         

blow your (F)mind(G) 



(F)Hey soul sister ain’t(G) that Mister (C)Mister (G)on the (F)radio stereo   

The (G)way you move aint (C)fair you (G)know

(F)Hey soul sister I(G) don’t want to (C)miss a (G)single (F)thing you do(G)  



[Verse 3]  

The (C)way you can’t cut a rug

(G)Watching you’s the only drug I (Am)need 

You’re so gangster I’m so thug    

You’re the (F)only one I’m dreaming of you (C)see                        

I can be myself now final-(G)ly                             

In fact there’s nothing I can’t (Am)be                        

I want the world to see you (F)be with(G)   me 



(F)Hey soul sister (G)ain’t that Mister (C)Mister (G)on the (F)radio stereo  

The (G)way you move aint (C)fair you (G)know

(F)Hey soul sister (G)I don’t want to (C)miss a (G)single (F)thing you do to-(G)night

(F)Hey soul sister (G)I don’t want to (C)miss a (G)single (F)thing you do-(G)oooo 



To-(C)night Hey-(G)ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-(Am)ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-(F)ay(G)

To-(C)night Hey-(G)ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-(Am)ay, Hey-ay-AY-ay-(F)ay(G)   



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