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Happier Guitar Chords By Ed Sheeran

In this article, you are going to learn Happier Guitar Chords. This song is sung by Ed Sheeran.

Coming to the chords, We are using chords without capo for original sound. The chord progression is as follows..


Happier Guitar Chords


Song     : Happier Guitar

Singer   : Ed Sheeran


Chords : Am7, F, C



Am7 F C

Am7 F C



(Am7)Walking down (F)29th and (C)Park

(Am7)I saw you (F)in another’s (C)arms

(Am7)Only a (F)month we’ve been a(C)part                  

You look (Am7)happier(F)(C)

(Am7)Saw you (F)walk inside a (C)bar

(Am7)He said some(F)thing to make you (C)laugh

(Am7)I saw that (F)both your smiles were (C)twice as wide as ours          

Yeah, you look (Am7)happier, (F)you do(C) 



(Am7)Ain’t nobody (F)hurt you like I (C)hurt you    

But (Am7)ain’t nobody (F)love you like I do(C)

(Am7)Promise that I (F)will not take it (C)personal, baby

(Am7)If you’re moving (F)on with someone (C)new



Cause baby you look (Am7)happier, (F)you (C)do                

My friends told me (Am7)one day I’d (F)feel it (C)too                

And until then I’ll (Am7)smile to (F)hide the (C)truth                 

But I know I was (Am7)happier (F)with (C)you



(Am7)Sat in the (F)corner of the (C)room

(Am7)Everything’s remin(F)ding me of (C)you

(Am7)Nursing an (F)empty (C)bottle and telling myself you’re (Am7)happier

(F)Aren’t (C)you?



(Am7)Ain’t nobody (F)hurt you like I (C)hurt you   

But (Am7)ain’t nobody ne(F)ed you like I do(C)

(Am7)I know that there’s (F)others that de(C)serve you    

But my (Am7)darling, I am (F)still in love with (C)you



But I guess you look (Am7)happier, (F)you (C)do               

My friends told me one (Am7)day I’ll(F)  feel it (C)too             

I could try to (Am7)smile to (F)hide the (C)truth              

But I know I was (Am7)happier (F)with (C)you 


[Heya heya heya]

Am7   F    C

Am7   F    C

Am7   F    C

Am7   F    C



Baby, you look (Am7)happier, (F)you (C)do                 

I knew one day you’d (Am7)fall for (F)someone (C)new                    

But if he breaks your (Am7)heart like (F)lovers (C)do                      

Just know that I’ll be (Am7)waiting (F)here for (C)you


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