great are you lord chords

Great Are You Lord Chords By All Sons & Daughters

In this article, you are going to learn Great Are You Lord Chords. This song is sung by All Sons & Daughters Music Band.

Coming to the chords, we are using chords without capo for original sound. The chord progression is as follows..


Great Are You Lord Chords


Song     : Great Are You 

Singer   : All Sons & Daughters Music Band


Chords : D, E, F#m, A, Asus, D2



D  F#m  E

D  F#m  E 



You give (D)life, You are (F#m)love        

You bring (E)light to the darkness       

You give (D)hope, You re(F#m)store    

Every (E)heart that is broken

(D)(F#m)Great are You, (E)Lord 



It’s Your (D)breath in our (F#m)lungs     

So we (E)pour out our praise, we pour out our praise        

It’s Your (D)breath in our (F#m)lungs    

So we (E)pour out our praise to You only 



A   Asus   D2   A 



(A)All the earth will shout Your praise

(Asus)Our hearts will cry, these bones will sing

(D2)Great are You, (A)Lord 



D  F#m  E


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