Forever Is A Long Time Chords

Forever Is A Long Time Chords – Halsey

In this article, you are going to learn Forever Is A Long Time Chords. This song is sung by Halsey.

Coming to the chords, we are using chords without capo for original sound. The chord progression is as follows…


Forever Is A Long Time Chords


Song      : Forever Is A Long Time

Singer   : Halsey


Chords : D, G, A, Bm, E, F#, Gm, Dm, A7



(D)I spent a (G)long time (A)watering a (D)plant made out of (Bm)plastic 

And I (E)curse the ground for (A)growing green(D)

(D)I spent a (G)long time (A)substituting (F#)honest with sar(Bm)castic 

And I (E)curse my tongue for (A)being mean(D)



And (Em)weightless, breathless (Bm)restitute

(Em)Motionless and ab(Bm)solute 

He (Em)cut me open, (Bm)sucked the poison (E)from an aging (F#)wound

Now (Em)fifty thousand (Bm)war cadets 

Would (Em)cower at this (Bm)small brunette

To (Em)my surprise, not (Bm)six feet high 

Would (F#)reach and grab the moon if I 

Should (Bm)ask or just (F#)imply 

That I wanted a bit more (B)light 

So I could (G)look inside his eyes

And get the (Gm)colors just right

(D)Just right, (D)just (G)right, (G)just(D D Bb Gm)



Build (Gm)love, build God, build (A7)provinces

Build (Dm)calluses, break promises

‘Cause (Gm)I could never h(A7)old a perfect thing (Dm)and not demolish it

What am I (Gm)thinking? What does this (A7)mean? 

How could some(Dm)body ever (F)love me?

(G)Talk to your man, tell him he’s got (A)bad news comin’


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