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Father And Son Chords – Cat Stevens

In this article, you are going to learn Father and Son Chords. This song is sung by Cat Stevens.

Coming to the chords, This song is a little difficult to play for beginner guitarists and there are a lot of chords used across this song. The chord progression is as follows..

Father And Son Chords

Song Father and Son
Singer Cat Stevens
Capo No Capo
Chords G, D/F#, C, Am7, Em, Am, D, C/G, Bm, G/D


[Verse 1]

It’s not (G)time to make a (D/F#)change, just (C)relax and take it (Am7)easy

You’re still (G)young, that’s your (Em)fault, there’s so (Am)much you (Am7)have to (D)know

Find a (G)girl, settle (D/F#)down, if you (C)want to, you can (Am7)marry

Look at(G) me, I am (Em)old, but I’m (Am)happy(Am)(Am7)(D)

I was(G) once like you are(D) now, and I(C) know that it’s not (Am7)easy


To be(G) calm when you’ve (Em)found something going (Am)on(Am)(Am7)(D)

But take your(G) time, think a(D) lot, why think of(C) everything you’ve(Am7) got

For you will(G) still be here to(Em)morrow, but your(D) dreams may(G) not(C/G)


[Verse 2]

How can(G) I try to (Bm)explain? ’cause when I(C) do he turns (Am7)away again

It’s(G) always been the(Em) same, same old (Am7)story(D)

From the(G) moment I could(Bm) talk I was(C) ordered to (Am7)listen

Now there’s a(G) way, and I(Em) know that I(D) have to(G) go away

(D)I know I(C) have to(G) go(C/G)


[Verse 3]

It’s not(G) time to make a (D)change, just sit (C)down and take it (Am7)slowly

(Away, away, away)

You’re still (G)young, that’s your(Em) fault, there’s so(Am) much you have to go(D) through

(I know I have to make …)

Find a (G)girl, settle (D)down, if you (C)want, you can (Am7)marry

( … this decision alone …)

Look at (G)me, I am (Em)old, but I’m (Am)happy(Am)(Am7)(D)

(No …)


[Verse 4]

All the (G)times that I’ve (Bm)cried, keeping (C)all the things I (Am7)knew inside

(Stay, stay, stay)

It’s (G)hard, but it’s (Em)harder to (Am)ignore it(Am)(Am7)(D)

(Why must you go and make …)

If they were(G) right, I’d (Bm)agree, but it’s (C)them they know, not (Am7)me

( … this decision alone …)

Now there’s a(G) way, and I(Em) know that I (D)have to (G)go away(G/D)

I(D) know I(C) have to(G) go

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