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Dil Bechara Chords Title Song – Dil Bechara

In this article, you are going to learn Dil Bechara Chords. This is the title song of the movie Dil Bechara starring late Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi. The music of this song is given by A R Rahman.


This movie is an adaptation of the book The Fault In Our Stars authored by John Green. This is a story of a 16 year old girl who is suffering from thyroid cancer and she was forced to attend a support group. There she meets a 17 year old  guy whom she falls in love with. This is one of the beautiful stories you ever read. If you are a book lover and want to read this book, You can buy this book from amazon from this link.


Coming to the chords, We have used capo on 3rd fret which makes the chords easier to the beginner guitarists.  The chord progression is as follows..


Dil Bechara Chords With Capo


Song      : Dil Bechara

Movie    : Dil Bechara

Singer    : A R Rahman

Music    : A R Rahman

Lyrics    : Amitabh Bhattacharya


Capo     : 3rd fret

Chords : G, Bm, Em, D, F#m



(G)Dil becha(Bm)ra

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara


(G)Dil becha(Bm)ra

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara


(Bm)Koi toh (G)bata de kya (F#m)karun

(Em)Koi bata de kya ka(D)run



(G)Dil becha(Bm)ra

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara


[Verse 1]

(Bm)L mein joda (F#m)OVE

Maine toh (G)love love (Em)love hi (D)kiya(F#m)

(Bm)Usne joda (F#m)IKE

Mere ko (G)like like (Em)like hi (D)kiya(F#m)



(G)Dil becha(Bm)ra

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara


[Verse 2]

Oh baby (F#m)yaad hai mujhe

Tera birthday (F#m)day day

Tera birthday (F#m)day day day

(Em)Tu har saal mera birthday

(F#m)Bhul bhul bhul jaye (Bm)roz(G)

Tere (D)call ki main (F#m)raah dekhun


(Bm)Tu…(G)   (D)sms bhi na (A)kare

(Bm)Tu..(G)    (D)mujhe miss bhi na (A)kare

(Bm)Kyun(G)(D)mujhe miss bhi na(A)kare




(G)Dil becha(Bm)ra

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara


(G)Dil becha(Bm)ra

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara

(Em)Friend zone ka (D)maara


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