Bekhayali Chords – Kabir Singh

In this article, you are going to learn Bekhayali Chords.

Finally, the most awaited song Bekhayali from Kabir Singh is out. And we are ready with Bekhayali guitar chords.

Kabir Singh is an hindi upcoming film written and directed by Sandeep Vanga. It is remake of his own telugu film Arjun Reddy. This movie is jointly produced by Cine1 Studios and T-series. The lead roles are playing by Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. It focuses on the title character, an alcoholic surgeon who goes on a self-destructive path after his ex-lover marries someone else.

Coming to the Song, this song going to be a cult hit. I can say it will be the break up anthem of 2019. It is going to be hit song of this year. Shahid Kapoor is really nailed the character.

Bekhayali Chords

The chords of this song are pretty simple. We have only one barre chord which is F-chord and remaining are open chords. The beginners can easily play this song.

The chord progression is as follows..

Song Credits:

Singer:  Sachet Tandon

Movie: Kabir Singh (2019)

Music :  Sachet-Parampara

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Label: T-series


Chords :   Am, F, G, Dm, Em, E

(Am)Hmm. (F)Hmm.. (Am)Hmm.. (G)Hmm..


(Am)Bekhayali (F)mein bhi tera (Am)hi khayaal (G)aaye

(Am)Kyun bichhadna (F)hai zaroori (Am)ye sawaal (G)aaye


Teri naz(Dm)deekiyon (F)ki khushi (Am)behisaab (Em)thi

Hisse mein (Dm)faasle (F)bhi tere (Am)bemisaal aaye


(Am)Main jo tumse door (Am)hoon

Kyun door main ra(F)hoon

Tera guroor (G)hoon(Dm)


Tu faasla (Am)mita

Tu khwaab sa (F)mila

Kyun khwaab tod (G)doon(Dm)





(Am)Bekhayali (F)mein bhi tera (Am)hi khayaal (G)aaye

(Am)Kyun bichhadna (F)hai zaroori (Am)ye sawaal (G)aaye

Thoda sa(Dm) main khafa(F) ho gaya(Am) apne aap (Em)se

Thoda sa(Dm) tujhpe bhi(F) bewajah hi (Am) malaal aaye





(Am)Hai ye tadpan (G)Hai ye uljhan

(Am)Kaise(F) jee loon bina tere

(Am)Meri ab sab se(G) hai annban

(Am)Bante(F) kyun ye Khuda mere


Hoo (Am)…(G)

Hoo (Am)…(G)


(Am)Ye jo log-baag hain

(Am)Jungle ki aag(F) hain

Kyun aag mein(G) jalun…


(Am)Ye nakaam pyaar mein

(Am)Khush hain haar(F) mein

Inn jaisa kyun(G) banun oo…


(Am)ooo (G)ooo (F)ooo (Am)ooo

(Am)ooo (G)ooo (F)ooo(Em)ooo



(Am)Raatein (Am)dengi bata

(G)Needon mein teri hi (Dm)baat hai

(Am)Bhulun (Am)kaise tujhe

(G)Tu toh khayalon mein (Dm)saath hai


(Am)Bekhayali (F)mein bhi tera (Am)hi khayaal (G)aaye

(Am)Kyun bichhadna (F)hai zaroori (Am)ye sawaal (G)aaye


(Am)Nazar gira de (G)har ik manzar

(F)Ret ki tarah (G)bikhar raha hai

(Am)Dard tumhaara (G)badan mein mere

(F)Zeher ki tarah (G)utar raha hai


(Am)Nazar gira de (G)har ik manzar

(F)Ret ki tarah (G)bikhar raha hai

(Am)Dard tumhaara (G)badan mein mere

(F)Zeher ki tarah (G)utar raha hai

(Am)Aa zamaane aazma le(F) roothta(G) nahin

(Am)Faaslon se hausla ye(F) toot tha(G) nahin


Naa hai woh(Dm) bewafa aur na

(D) main(Am) hoon(G) bewafa

Woh meri(Dm) aadaton ki(F) tarah

(Am) chhoot tha(G) nahin(Am)


This is pretty easy song for beginners as well. You might found different tutorials with slight changes in chords. But I felt this chord progression will sound more better.

If are there any mistakes above, please tell me know.

Keep Playing!

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