Anbu Kooruvaen Chords With Capo

Anbu Kooruvaen Chords With Capo

In this article, you are going to learn Anbu Kooruvaen Chords. This song is composed and performed by Father S. J. Berchmans. This is one of the song from the album Jebathotta Jeyageethangal.

This is one of the most viewed prayer song on youtube produced by Jeyageethangal Trust and released by Holy Gospel Music. All the copyrights are owned by Holy Gospel Music.

Coming to the chords, We have used capo on 1st fret to make the chords simpler to beginners. The chord progression is as follows..

Anbu Kooruvaen Chords With Capo

Song       : Anbu Kooruvaen

Singer    : Father S. J. Berchmans

Label      : Holy Gospel Music


Capo      : Fret -1

Chords  : Em, Am, D, G, Bm, C


(Em)Anbu Kooruvaen (Am)Innum Adhigamai

(D)Aaraadhipaen Innum Aarava(Em)maai


(Em)Muzhu Ulla(Am)thoadu (D)Aaraadhipaen

(Em)Muzhu Bela(Am)thoadu (D)Anbu Kooruvaen

(G)Aaradhanai (Bm)Aaradha(Em)nai

(C)Aaradhanai (D)Aaradha(Em)nai

(C)Aaradhanai (D)Aaradha(Em)nai


(Em)Ebinaesarae (G)Ebinaesarae

(D)Idhuvaraiyil (C)Udhavineerae –(Em) Ummai


Muzhu Ullathoadu…


(Em)Elroyee (G)Elroyee

(D)Ennai Kandeerae (C)Nandri (Fm)Aiyaa – Ummai


Muzhu Ullathoadu…


(Em)Yehova Rapha (G)Yehova Rapha

(D)Sugam Thandheerae (C)Nandri (Em)Aiyaa – Ummai


Muzhu Ullathoadu…


For youtube video, click Here

You can follow the same chord progression for the rest of the song.

Happy Playing!


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