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A Whole New World Chords – Misc Cartoons – Aladdin

In this article, you are going to learn A Whole New World Chords. This song is from the movie Aladdin.

Coming to the chords, We have a couple of 7th chords. The chord progression is as follows..

A Whole New World chords

Song       : A Whole New World

Movie    : Aladdin

Singer   : Zayn, Zhavia Ward


Chords: C, F, G, E7, Am, D7


(C)I can s(F)how you the w(C)orld

(C)Shining, (F)shimmering, (G)splendid

(Dm)Tell me (E7)princess

Now (Am)when did you last (F)let your heart de(C)cide? 

(C)I can o(F)pen your e(C)yes

(C)Take you (F)wonder by (G)wonder

(Dm)Over (E7)sideways and (Am)under 

On a (F)magic carpet r(C)ide



A whole new w(G)orld

(C)A new fan(G)tastic point of (Am)view    

No-one to (F)tell us (C)no    Or (F)where to go  

Or (Am)say we’re (D7)only dream(G)ing

(G)A whole new world

(C)A dazzling p(G)lace I never k(Am)new           

But when I’m (F)way up (C)here   

It’s c(F)rystal c(C)lear    

That (Am)now I’m (D7)in 

a w(F)hole new w(G)orld with (C)you



(C)Unbe(F)lievable (C)sights    Indes(F)cribable (G)feeling

(Dm)Soaring, (E7)tumbling, free-(Am)wheeling          

Through an (F)endless diamond s(C)ky



A whole new w(G)orld(C)         

A hundred (G)thousand things to (Am)see

(Hold your breath it gets better)       

I’m like a sho(F)oting s(C)tar    

I’ve (F)come so f(C)ar

(Am)I cant go (D7)back to (F)where I (C)used to (G)be 

(A whole new world)                 

(Every turn a surp(C)rise)      

With new hori(G)zons to (Am)pursue

(Every moment red letter)       

I’ll chase them (F)any(C)where there’s (F)time to s(C)pare

(Am)Let me (F)share this w(Dm)hole new w(G)orld with you

(C)A whole new world (G)(A whole new w(C)orld)                  

That’s where we’ll (G)be (That’s where we’ll (C)be)           

A thrilling (G)chase

A (F)wondrous (G)place

For you and (C)me


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